Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I deas for Easter Basket Treats

Along with all the sugary jelly beans and marshmallow eggs, I like to add fanciful Easter surprises to my childrens' baskets. Sometimes the bunny brings flower bulbs for spring planting, or even a packet of carrot seeds (hint, hint!). Usually there is a new story book in the basket along with a couple of little knick knacky doo-dads--maybe a hand held puzzle or a little wooden bunny. An active game (even a small board game or something along the lines of jacks or marbles does the trick) that they can play to burn off some of that sugar induced mania is always a nice addition as well! Sometimes there are art supplies or a craft kit in case the warm spring sunshine inspires their inner artist. Bubbles and pinwheels are always fun too. Regardless of the contents of the basket, I think I am delighted as the boys on Easter morning when I see their faces alight with the magic and anticipation of discovering what the bunny has brought for them this year.

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